Servicing Gippsland Businesses

Transforming Businesses through the use of Technology

An Introduction video to LITTLE IT

Embrace or Enhance Technology within your Business Discover how Little IT can help you focus on what you need to by taking advantage of technology


Over the years l’ve had the privilege to work with and help businesses get the best out of Technology.  Working together to deliver effective tailored IT and Communication solutions to improve and enhance business operations and processes.


Little IT provides Business Technology Guidance & Solutions for new and established businesses, enhancing and refining business systems, processes & practices and removing business challenges through the use of Technology.

Working Together

Partnerships are important in business and developing strong relationships are critical to understanding your businesses and what works for you.

Share, Learn & Grow and build a better business.

Gavan Little has been working with Gippsland Businesses for over 18 years and continues to support regional Victoria

Working with small, medium and large business throughout Gippsland and beyond has provided Gavan with an invaluable insight into effectively working together to deliver tailored IT and Communication solutions to improve and enhance business operations and processes.

Your Business

Understanding your Business, the people, goals and challenges is important to Little IT to ensuring we establish how Technology is and can be used within your business.

Online Presence

A business to be online and available for all to see is an important step for any business.  It holds challenges that some businesses may have never experienced before and Little IT can guide you through.

Business Practice

How do you store your business files, back them up or access when out on site?
How are you using Technology to make your day easier?

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Working together we increased productivity, provided more options for their clients and reduced the time frame to complete jobs by over 90%.  All through the introduction of a cloud file storage solutions, increased online presence and simply technology fitting the business needs rather than the other way round.

Business rules have changed.  Now we can work from anywhere

Little IT is dedicated to supporting all businesses, new or established.

Supporting regional businesses and the Technology challenges we all face with our choice of Regional living.